The Wedding Planner

So you're getting married.

First off, congrats. (Yes, we really, really mean that.) The time has come to plan your fairy-tale wedding, Princess.

What's this?! Daddy (or Mommy) is balking at the Country Club's prices? Never fear; there's no need to resort to the grand ballroom at the Days Inn. If you want the big do without shelling out the big bucks, your fairy godmother has arrived.

After being quoted outrageous prices while planning her own nuptials, wedding coordinator Jo Gartin realized that she could arrange it all herself, and save a pretty penny in doing so. With her impeccable style and an eye for bargains, Gartin will select flowers for you, design the invites, decorate the space, and do hair and makeup. Heck, she'll even personalize cotton tanks and undies for you and your maids, as well as custom-mosaic your guest book -- everything short of driving the getaway car.

One client says Gartin even calmed her husband's big-day jitters. (How is strictly a trade secret.)

Now you can ride off into the sunset -- with money to spare for the umbrella drink the two of you so deserve.